Published on February 22, 2004 By Keila In WinCustomize News
Now, I do have to add at this point that we stopped off at Best Buy on our way home to look into TiVo. It would be wonderful to have the capability to stop live programing when something comes up while viewing our favorite programs. We spent a long time going over the stuff we would need for it and that there would also be a 13 bucks a month cost just for using TiVo. Ok, now this is all getting expensive. The last thing we want are more bills just for enjoying watching tv. We decided to just forget all about this for the time being and wondered into the stereo section instead and purchased a new receiver and 300 disk Cd player.

Ok, I will get to my point of this thread now. We get home and I hook up the DVR and we start messing around with it. The first thing that was noticed was that it had picture in picture buttons on the remote. I figure what the heck, press them "figuring that it will do nothing, just buttons for another thing you would have to pay extra for". They worked! Not only picture in picture but you can swap out between the 2 channels and have the other become the larger viewing picture with the sound. My husband is going to love this during Football season.
Looking over the features of the DVR itself it was realized pretty fast that you can pause live programing and it will recored the program for you while you are busy doing something else. Also, any show you have been watching is automatically, temporarily recording and you can rewind at any point during the show and you will not miss anything because it keeps recording. WOW, this is what we wanted to TiVo for. I am so glad we went with the stereo components instead.

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on Feb 22, 2004
Yeah we have been using the time warner DVR for quite a few months now and we couldn't live without it. I like the fact that you can set it to record a entire series. This way I never miss the Simpson's and sienfeld..hehe There is always something to watch on-the weekends now. Just click on the list and you got it all. Very cool device I would highly recommend it.
on Feb 22, 2004
I think my tivo is the best thing I've bought in years. Put off getting one for the longest time, but its just about a year today and I couldn't imagine going without.
on Feb 22, 2004
Great and all, but how is this related to Wincustomize?
on Feb 22, 2004
Well, it's not.. So what...
on Feb 22, 2004
I've been wanting a DVR for sometime now. My cable provider currently doesn't offer any, so I bought a Tivo back in October. As Nakor said, I couldn't imagine being without it. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made.
on Feb 22, 2004
I am in full agreement about the TiVo. I am just thrilled though that I have all of TiVo's capabilities with something I was already going to use. Technology is just wonderful!
on Feb 22, 2004
I have both. A Tivo and 3TWC DVR's. My experiences is Tivo is smarter in the programing and the DVR's are dumb.DVR's cannot tell when a program has already been recorded. Wastes space on the hard drive with duplication, if I don't remember to precheck schedule recordings. It also has the habit of only showing what is going to be recorded 3 days in advance, and sometimes it adds back in programs, that I have said I did not want recorded. Tivo is much smart in comparison.
On the other hand, The DVR's can record TWO shows at once and has PIP(even though your TV doesn't support that- It is great to see what is happening on the other channel.
I love my TIVO, but I like the dual channel DVR that TWC has.
on Feb 22, 2004
I live in Minneapolis and TWC just started offering a HDTV DVR. Yes I said HIGH DEFINITON DVR. I've had mine for about a month now, and it's awesome. It records HD programming as well as regular programming and will even record the full Dolby AC-3 suround channel if available. I have two TIVO's that I do enjoy, but I am beginning to question why I am paying so much for TIVO service.
Just my two cents on the subject. If you get a chance, check out Time Warner Cable's HD DVR, it ROCKS!!
on Feb 22, 2004
I also have the TWC DVR. It's fantastic!
on Feb 22, 2004
Why in this world dose TiVO charge monthly?? What is there to charge for? Thats like getting an Xbox, and them charging monthly to play games... Oh wait, that's what the Phantom dose.

But seriously, I was thinking of geting Tivo, but looked everyware for a subscription crack, but no luck. So I was going to build a low-end PC or mod an Xbox and install FreeVo on it. But now TWC offers one for like $5 extra a month, and that sounds good to me.
on Feb 22, 2004
TIVO and some of the cable companies (most of those are owned by AOL Time Warner) have the right idea, in fact a great idea. During the week I only watch 4 shows (Everwood, Smallville, Stargate, and Monk) with the occasional flipping the channel to Headline News, CNBC, (checking the stocks) The Today Show, and Screen Savers. I hate to burst any ones bubble but did you know that those systems are sending back information on what you watch, how many times you watch that type of program and much more. It’s also sent to a government agency to be used as a profiler. Its just like when Clinton sold our privacy act to the Swiss to build the smart card. The smart card is going to replace our Drivers license, money, and used as a locater. They have been testing the locater system in the Minnesota Drivers licenses for the past few years now. I’m not the type of person that is always ranting about big brother watching over us, in fact I think they could use this technology for better uses, such as put a chip into child molesters, rapists, and if people want to use them to keep track of there children so if any of them go missing.
on Feb 22, 2004
There's a vacuum cleaner-like sound in the background of this thread, has anyone heard it?

It's the sound of TV sucking brain cells. No more brain, no more pain, and not much else either.

Give me a good book any day.
on Feb 22, 2004
You can pay for the Tivo service either monthly, or a one-time payment for the lifetime of the unit. What you're paying for is the service they provide: automatic software updates icluding new features, and more importantly, the guide data, which Tivo in turn licenses from Tribune Ent.

The main selling about about Tivo over other PVRs is it's software and functionality. Tivo has quite a bit of ease-of-use features over a regular bare-bones PVR.
on Feb 22, 2004
Well I think my "TiVo" is great, too! However, I don't pay any monthly fees. I have a Media Center PC. It has the DVR+ features of a TiVo without any of the monthly fees. Plus it's like a super-computer.
on Feb 22, 2004
You guys watch too much tv lol. I never regretting the day I got rid of my VCR and didn't replace it with any other device to record tv with. I watch enough tv without recording something to watch later. If I can't watch it when its on, then oh well. I admit there are times I don't want to miss stuff, but that is rare.
There is so much more to do in life than sit plastered in front of the tv.
I do admit that the conveniences of tivo and a dvr are better than the vcr days. Now with tv on demand also coming around, ppl can have never ending tv.
Anyway what are you doing watching so much tv when there is the internet to wander around or skins to create
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